Third party Monitoring and evaluation: Kamil Consultancy has capacity to carry out third parties monitoring and evaluation to assess the status and performance of a project, its compliance status, or emerging issues through a specialized expertise, it provides an unbiased information on the issue and status that affect the projects, and to make recommendations for improvement, where relevant. We review the effectiveness development and humanitarian projects during their implementation and highlight the positive impact they have on project performance and, ultimately, its development impact.

Assessment: We assess the potential environmental and socio-economic impacts of a project before it begins to ensure that negative impacts can be adequately mitigated.

We also assess project’s scope, scale, deliverables, objectives, impacts, stakeholders, risks, timeline, and impacted groups and processes
Feasability studies: We assess the practicality of a proposal or plan or project. We study analyze the viability of a project to determine whether the project or program is likely to succeed. We also design and plan any project or program to produce viable ideas for organizations.